Why I Don’t Write Meal Plans

Jul 11, 2019

I used to write meal plans, but saw that clients got bored and didn't learn nutrition enough to make informed choices when not following the program. They were all the way in or all the way out and felt like failures when they couldn’t follow the plan on the weekend, while traveling or when lunch was catered in.

So I shifted towards macro based programs in 2015. I calculate my client’s starting macros and create a foundation meal guide around those macros so they know how to get towards their daily macro goals (food choices, serving sizes, how to swap foods) and let my clients break away from the foundation macro meal guide so they know how to create their own meal plans.

I update macros for them + give them the tools to calculate their own macros (the Macro Makeover Program) in the future. 
Meal plans don't account for calorie changes that NEED to be made for fat loss, muscle gain and breaking through plateaus so without adjustments our metabolisms adapt and we experience long term plateaus.

Macro counting is time consuming and has a learning curve in the beginning like most things, but the pay-off is huge.

You learn how to:
✅Practice aware eating
✅Create ideal portion sizes
✅Use serving size accuracy to be able to eating intuitively in the future
✅How to eat for your specific metabolism and body type
✅Control fat loss & body composition much easier.

The coaches I mentor in #macromentorship Don’t write meal plans either 🤪.

What is your biggest question surrounding macro counting?