How do they eat so much?!

Jul 27, 2022

Have you ever seen those ‘What I eat in a day!’ Instagram reels with a super fit-looking chick who eats 2600+ calories in a day and ask yourself, “How in the entire f*ck?”


Most women who come to me for coaching (and probably you too) are on some version of an 800-1500 calorie-a-day diet and can’t imagine eating even a bite more out of fear of immediately gaining weight.


And coming from that mindset, I know seeing these high-calorie eating reels feels completely and utterly insane!


Yet here they freakin’ are! So, how DO they do it?

  1. Seasons of tracking that help them know how much to eat to build their metabolism – they’re not focused on fat loss 24/7 and aren’t restricting food groups.
  2. Building real muscle using heavy weights rather than spending hours on a treadmill like a hamster trying to ‘sweat out’ the pounds.
  3. Prioritizing protein in all nutrition phases (if you look closely, you’ll prob see tons of chicken, beef, beans, and fish in all these reels) and all meals.
  4. Getting real comfy in the strength training area, trying new exercises, and using heavier and heavier weights (aka progressive overloading).
  5. Dieting LESS and living in maintenance MORE…they do what it takes to avoid metabolic adaptation so they stay in high caloric burn mode longer.


Do you wish you could eat like the women in these popular reels and still get incredible results?


You can!


Your Action Plan: Read this again, take notes, choose 3 things from the list above to try doing today, give it a month, come back and let me know how it goes.


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