It's not you - it's your diet.

Mar 05, 2022

What if I told you that it’s not you, it’s your diet that’s keeping you from your biggest goals.


All the rules, all of the do’s and don’t’s, they’re keeping you from winning. Not your ‘lack of discipline’ or ‘inability to stick to the plan’.


You can’t maintain the deficit or the restriction. That’s why you’re struggling to get results.


Let’s be real, you’re literally miserable when you’re dieting, aren’t you?


You’re thinking about food and exercise all day long and you’re struggling to keep your face out of the fridge and hands off your kid’s leftover fries.


So, what happens?


You finally break down and take a sip of this and a bite (or two!) of that and, before you know it, you’ve snacked your way right out of your deficit


Or, maybe instead you’re really ‘good’ all week long but you get to the weekend, find yourself in a social situation with all your favorite foods and you rationalize you’ll have just one plate, and maybe a to-go plate too, and…Hell, may as well just start over on Monday.


You can’t avoid Oreos forever.


And you shouldn’t have to, either.


This is why I choose macros.

This is why I coach macros.

This is how I lost 154lbs and kept it off. 

Total Food Freedom, Sis.


Total Food Freedom.