How long does it take to build muscle?

Sep 14, 2023

Question: How long does it take to gain muscle?


Answer: A long time. Longer than you think or would like.


That’s the bare truth.


It takes a long time to build muscle. 


And your favorite fitness influencer has been working on her body for a long time, too.


She’s tracked macros when she didn’t want to.

She’s gone to the gym when she didn’t feel like it.

She’s made sacrifices to reach her goals.


You can’t expect to build serious muscle and drop significant fat in 3-6 months.


I can’t do it. And your ‘body goals’ influencer can’t either.


For most women, it takes years of consistent focus, progressive overload (meaning making the workouts harder and harder over time), and intentional periods of meticulous macro tracking to get their bodies to look like the bodies they see on IG.


Personally, I’ve been lifting heavy weights, tracking macros, and supplementing my diet since 2013.




And there’s still work to be done.


My best word of advice is to embrace the journey while focusing on the specific and immediate steps you can take today to move the needle just a bit further.


Some call it baby steps. I call it intentional progress.


You can achieve your goals. 


Especially if you keep moving forward and don’t throw in the towel when something goes off track.


It’ll take time, but it’ll be worth it. Promise!


Need help getting on track and staying there? 


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