Half-A** Effort = Half-A** Results

Jul 13, 2022

Does it feel like you’re doing everything you possibly can but feel like it’s just not working?


Listen, I have been there.


Tracking macros…

Going to the gym…

Getting enough rest…

Managing stress…

Drinking water…


It’s a lot and it can definitely feel totally overwhelming.


You’ll probably want to throw in the towel on at least one of those things (or maybe all of ‘em!).


But the thing is, if you do, you’re not going to get where you want to be.


I really can’t sugar coat it. If you’re not doing the work, you’re not gonna see the results. Simple as that.


That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and it definitely doesn’t mean you should adopt some strictAF diet and exercise routine.


What it means is that sometimes you’ve just got to buckle TF down.


  • Track everything
  • Make sleep a priority
  • Workout consistently
  • Manage alcohol intake
  • Stop making excuses


You aren’t twenty, Sis.


Drinking all weekend, eating pancake dinners at12am, skipping workouts, and pulling all-nighters will NOT work anymore.


You’ve got to prioritize which most likely means making changes.


No way around it.


Half A** Effort = Half A** Results


I can’t tell you which to choose, you’ve got to decide that for yourself, but in my 8 years of experience, these are some of the biggest roadblocks women encounter…trying to party like it’s 1999 and have a bangin’ body.


Not so much, Sis. Not so much.


So, make your choice. Be honest with yourself. Prioritize. And move forward.


Ready to make yourself a priority and be held accountable for the daily decisions that will determine your progress?


We’d love to help!


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