5 Reasons Women Are Not Losing Weight

Aug 17, 2021

There are many reasons why women fail at dieting. And no, it’s not because they’re eating carbs! Losing weight is a science but it’s also a process. And if a part of the process is broken, or if the pieces don’t fit into the lifestyle of the person going through the process, it simply won’t work.


Here are the top 5 reasons women fail at dieting:


They are following a strict meal plan and eating foods they hate.

Most women can maintain a meal plan for a week. Maybe two. But after that, real life kicks in and when you feel restricted you will be tempted to ‘cheat’ and eat foods outside the plan, typically resulting in overeating.


They are eating from a restrictive list of low-fat, low-flavor foods all day, every day.

Again, cutting out tasty foods you enjoy will only increase your cravings which can interfere with your results. Having a healthy mix of food is important for getting sustainable, long term results.


Their meal plan is inflexible which makes travel and social events feel impossible.

If you’re chained to a set eating schedule or specific foods, staying in hotels or attending food-related events like weddings or company parties can be difficult. If your diet is interfering with your social life, you’re likely to give up on the diet faster in favor of friends and fun.


They are eating too little, working out too much, stop seeing results, and simply quit.

Ever felt like you’re doing everything ‘right’ and still are not seeing results? As a result, ever lose your motivation to continue? Sometimes you’re actually doing more harm than good by undereating and overexercising. This causes metabolic adaptation and your weight loss stalls. Then you give up. You have to eat enough to have a healthy metabolism.


There are so many ‘off-limits’ foods, they get bored and ‘hangry’ and end up in the McDonald’s drive-thru, binging, feeling guilty, then quitting. 

This was my story for years. I’d do good for a day or two, then end up eating 700+ calories in less than 10 minutes. I felt like such a failure and like I just couldn’t do it, so I wouldn’t. That binge would lead to another, then another, and the next thing I knew, I was right back at square one.


Why do we put ourselves through diets that are so restrictive and don’t work? We are setting ourselves up for failure. You do not need to cut out entire food groups in order to lose weight. You can enjoy the foods you like AND get the results you deserve.


I promise you there is a better way!


Science-based nutrition with macro tracking changed my life, the lives of thousands of my clients, and it can change yours too.