Diets don’t work

Nov 02, 2022

That “dieting is my lifestyle” mindset has got you all kinds of messed up, my friend.


Let me tell you why…


The truth is, the longer and deeper you diet, the further and further away from your goal you’re moving.


Eating as little as you can, cutting out entire food groups (I’m looking at you Keto!), exercising for hours when you ‘cheat’, and being in a perpetual state of hunger is not doing you any favors.


Instead, you’re damaging your metabolism, crushing your hormones, and trashing your immune system, all the while struggling to feel energized, strong, or even sane most days.


And what’s worse is I bet you’re not even seeing the results you want either. 


Sound familiar?


I know I was there once, and so were a lot of my clients. And I mean A LOT of them!


The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.


You can heal your metabolism, get your hormones right, eat foods you love, and still make progress toward your body composition goals.


Using a reverse diet (one where you’re slowly incorporating more foods into your daily intake) can help you build up your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).


Once that’s rebuilt and well-balanced, you’ll start experiencing increased energy, better sleep, less brain fog, and improved satiety, and when it’s time to start reducing calories again, your body will respond positively.


You can’t diet forever.


Repeat after me: You can’t diet forever!


If you have questions about why your diet isn’t working and why you can’t reach your goals or are curious if a reverse diet is right for you, we’d love to help!


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