Diet...Don't Diet...

Apr 13, 2022

When it comes to losing weight you have two distinct choices:

Quick Fixes or Lasting Results

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you’ve tried the quick fixes before, gained the weight back, and are ready to finally do something different so that you can actually maintain your results.


And I’m 100% here for it!


But, here’s the thing…If you want to get long-term results, you’re going to have to do something that may go against everything you know.




For sustainable results, you’ve got to do this thing we call Nutrition Periodization.


This means you spend a bit of time in each of these diet phases:

  • Cut (eat less)
  • Reverse (eat slightly more)
  • Maintenance (eat balanced)
  • Bulk (eat substantially more)

You’ll notice, only one of those phases says ‘eat less’. The ‘cut’ phase. 

All the rest focus on eating more food so you can not only keep your metabolism healthy but also build lean muscle which improves your body composition.  

Most women believe that losing weight is about less but in reality, if you’re trying to look ‘toned’ or ‘lean’ what you really mean is ‘strong’ and that means more food, more muscle, and (gasp!) sometimes more scale weight.


Yep! I said it! More, more more!


It feels strange to do the reverse, maintenance, and bulk phases, especially if you’re used to always keeping your intake low, but honestly, the key to keeping your body, hormones, and brain happy, is eating!


Diets are not meant to last forever.


Sometimes you’ve got to gain a little to lose more, effectively, later on.


We take our clients through every single one of the phases so we keep them healthy, happy, and moving forward on their goals. We analyze every bit of your biofeedback and make our adjustments based on your needs and goals.


We are NOT about quick fixes. Because you’ve been there, done that.


It’s time for something new. You can’t expect to get a change by doing the same old things.


Got questions about Nutrition Periodization and sustainable fat loss? We’ve got answers!


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