Muscle Building Happens When You Least Expect It

Mar 11, 2022

Muscle building happens at maintenance, not in a deficit.

If you’re hoping to build a strong, beautiful physique you must eat!

Building muscle requires muscular hypertrophy and that requires fuel.

To create Muscular Hypertrophy (aka Muscles Getting Bigger) you need to:

  1. Cause your muscles minor (healthy) damage from lifting heavy
  2. Use a slow pace to cause some tension in the muscles
  3. Do multiple sets so your muscles start to fatigue


Lather, rinse, REST, repeat.

Oh, and like I said before…EAT!

If you’re restricting calories in a significant caloric deficit, your muscles are not getting the fuel they need to grow their best.

This is why bodybuilders will usually focus on building (and eating) then leaning out (cutting calories) in two separate phases. 

I know, I know! It sounds counterintuitive to eat more and grow, only to eventually eat less and slim down but when you do it this way, the results are incredible!

When you do it this way (the right way) you’ll have more muscle tone and definition doing it this way than if you fight your way through a deficit and an intense lifting program at the same time.

When you use macros, it’s easy to find the ideal amount of food to eat while building muscle so that you fuel your body without gaining excess fat.

This makes the transition to leaning out smoother.

So yeah, if you want to grow that beautiful physique you want so badly, you’ve gotta eat, Sis! 

Our coaches are all experts in navigating each one of the diet phases and are ready and waiting to guide you to your absolute best body composition yet.

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