3 Strength training mistakes you're making after 35

Nov 02, 2023

Many women over 35 are trying to lose weight.


Maybe you too?


If you’re over 35 and working out consistently without seeing the results, you may be making one or more of the following mistakes.


1) Focusing on cardio first to ‘lose the fluff’.

Just not how it works.

Like, at all.


2) Doing a new workout program every 2-3 weeks.

It’s not about ‘muscle confusion’.

It’s about progressive overload.


3) Using the same 15lb dumbbells all year long.

You’ve got to push yourself and feel like you want to die at rep 8.

Sounds harsh, but it works.


After 35, your workouts should be strength training forward, pretty basic (maybe even boring), and get progressively harder over time.


Oh, and you only need 30-45min per session, 3-4 sessions per week. Not the 6-day-a-week, 60+ minute HIIT sessions so many popular boutique gyms promote.


Things change as you get older, and you 100% need to change along with them.


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