Ep 72. The Beauty of Strength with Candace Smith ... How to Really Get Toned

Season #1

Meet Candace, a strength & nutrition coach for who helps women find find freedom in eating, building muscle, and get you toned and strongAF. 

That toned look you want won't come from restricting calories, food groups and doing tons of cardio.

It comes from fueling your body and lifting the right way.

In this episode she talks about:

  • her beginnings of not being an athlete
  • failing as a vegetarian and running to get in shape 
  • becoming muscle focused
  • getting passed disordered eating and competitions
  • always weight training, no matter the season

  • you can't go from zero to hero
  • how to get started with weight training 

Find Coach Candace herehttps://www.instagram.com/beauty_of_strength/

Here website: https://candacersmith.com/

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