Ep 71. How to Stand Out As a Macro Nutrition Coach: Open Date Announced

Season #1

Macro Mentorship is coming back!


We dropped the open date in this podcast!!!


✨ Macro Mentorship goes beyond the basics of other programs. It provides coaches with proven formulas and templates to scale their businesses. This means understanding not only the science of nutrition but ALSO the art of successful coaching and entrepreneurship.


✨ Macro Mentorship is centered around getting clients amazing results. It goes beyond practical knowledge and equips coaches with the tools to navigate special client cases – from weight loss to specific health conditions. The emphasis is on real-world application and achieving outcomes.


✨ Plus, Macro Mentorship proudly boasts a track record of helping over 1,300 health coaches, both new and experienced, feel confident and transition to full-time business ownership.


There has literally never been a better time to master the intricate science of macro nutrition, especially if you want to build a thriving, flexible, online macro coaching business that stands out from the crowd and makes an incredible impact on the industry.


Macro Mentorship is a 4-month National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), and Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) approved CEU group coaching program and business course inside of MacroU designed for existing or aspiring health coaches to become certified macro nutrition coaches.


Here is a behind the scenes peak of the Macro Nutrition Coaching Certification Curriculum Portal:


We return June 3rd