Ep 68. Evita & Jovi Hough: Your Favorite Fitness Couple Coaches

Season #1

Evita and Jovi are your favorite fitness coaches. Married. Best Friends. Stylish. Loaded with Tattoos. One loves tea. One loves coffee. And coach you together... making them Jovita. 

We got to sit down and talk to them about:

  • when discipline crosses a line and turns into extreme dieting

  • past disordered eating

  • mirroring what we see/are taught growing up
  •  the turning point for ultimate health 

  • self-sabotage they see in women

  • helping women with hormone issues
  • duo coaching...yes the coach all of their clients TOGETHER

    And our favorite part....working with your best friends. We talk about 6 things they recommned for couples who work together. 


    We hope you enjoy this one as much as us. 






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