Ep 66. Mindset & Lifestyle Coaching with Hannah J Williams

Season #1

Head Coach for the Macro Nutrition Coaching Certification, Hannah Williams, talks about her zoomed out version of coaching where nutrition, mindset & fitness meet. She's definitely one of the best lifestyle-nutrition coaches we know because she created the coaching experience her clients need and deserve. 

Are you really meeting your clients where they are at, or are you expecting them to be comfortable with where YOU are?

What would coaching look like if there were less emphasis on the scale versus how people are feeling? 

When is the last time you did an assessment on whether your coaching is the investment you would make for yourself?

Its time to challenge yourself as a coach, dig deeper and even consider some psychology or mindset continuing education classes. 


Guest: Hannah Williams: https://www.instagram.com/hannahj28/ 

Recommended Certifications:

Girls Gone Strong Pre and PostNatal Cert: https://go.girlsgonestrong.com/cppc-special-offer2 

Health Mindset Coaching Certification (HMCC): https://www.healthmindsetcert.com/ 

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