Ep 54. Hard Truths About Chasing Fat Loss with Won Dolegowski

Season #1

Are you chasing fat loss but haven't weighed out expectations, efforts and outcome?

Meet our friend Won! She is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and applies a functional health approach to all her clients.  Her mission is to help clients achieve optimal health, healing and wellness through sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes. She does with direct honesty and compassion. 

In this podcast we dive into these topics:

  • reality vs. expectations
  • learning how to really lift weights
  • fitness after 40
  • strength focused goals
  • chasing strong instead of chasing skinny
  • how can she eat that much and look like that
  • how long transformations take
  • and many hard truths you need to hear! 


Follow Won here: https://www.instagram.com/wondwellness/ 

Won's website: https://www.wondwellness.com/