What is the Intro to Macros Course?

The Intro to Macros Course is an introductory course to macro calculations for those new to macro counting and want to calculate their own macros. This is a self-paced/DIY product that you can access in your private learning portal.

What Will I Learn? 

At the end of my mini-course you will be able to:

  • Use my formula to calculate your daily calories and macros

  • Understand how macros work

  • Flexible Diet

  • Incorporate fun foods into your nutrition plan 

  • Track like a pro in 

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Help prevent weight loss plateaus

  • Ditch restrictive diets

If what YOU are doing nutritionally is NOT working, you NEED this. 

Stop out exercising a bad diet.  Finally see where you are going wrong with your nutrition and create a custom nutrition program for yourself. 

Please Note: This is a smaller version of the Macro Makeover that does not include group coaching calls or coaching support. Macro Adjustments are not included in this mini-course.
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Who is the Intro to Macros Course For?

  • Those who want to learn to calculate macros for the first time
  • Those who want to eat the foods the love while losing weight
  • Those who feel restricted by meal plans
  • Those who want to make body composition changes to lean out & lose weight
  • Those who want to maintain weight but tone up and raise their metabolism
  • Those who want to stop damaging their metabolism with low calorie dieting
  • Those who are fed up with fad diets
  • Those who might not be ready to invest in 1:1 coaching yet

What You Get

Macro Basics Video

Learn from Eve about macro theory, what macros are, why macros are different, how to lose weight and drop fat and my best macro tracking tips I share with my 1:1 clients 

Macro Calculation Video

Eve will spend 30 minutes going over macro calculations in detail so you know how to set up your own macros. Includes common macro calculations mistakes, PCOS calculations, transitioning from keto to carbs and an intro to reverse dieting if you have been undereating.

‘My Macros Calculation’ Workbook

I make it easy for you to do your calculations along side the Macro Calculation Video by providing you with the 'My Macros Calculation' Workbook 

What Macro Clients are Saying About their Macro Coaching Sessions with Eve:

"The knowledge that I am gaining is priceless. I use to be so lost trying to figure out my macros that I just wanted to give up and I thought that it would never happen for me but now with all that I am learning I am becoming more confident in the skills that I am attaining. I don’t follow many influencers on Instagram because they tend to portray unrealistic things that the average person could never attain but you give us the truth in an effort to keep us educated not just to sell a product. "

-Macro Makeover Student

"I have new info that helps put me in control. And even more accountable"

-Macro Makeover Student

"After learning how to track macros I learned it wasn't what I was eating but how much I was eating. This program is truly Amazing Eva."

-Macro Makeover Student

"The knowledge I acquired has forever changed my outlook on food and with the proper discipline I KNOW I will hit my goals in no time!! I plan to email you throughout my journey just to show you my progress. No reply needed for those! Just doing it to show more people this works! "


"I wanted to follow up with you. Thank you so much for this information. Overall you have just really made a huge difference in how I've viewed my relationship with food. Like I've said before, I no longer feel like a crazy person when it comes to food. Thanks for everything you do. You're really out here changing lives for the better and for the long haul!"


"This program and lifestyle is so doable and amazing—thank you so much!"


Meet Your Coach, Eve Guzman

Founder of MACROU and the Macro Makeover Program where she has helped hundreds of women to track macros so they can eat the foods they love while losing weight.

She is a former research medical laboratory scientist turned nutritionist and macro expert.

Down 150 lbs of her own and has kept it off for years!

Eve used to spend hours cooking in the kitchen for meal prep on top of meal prepping every weekend for 18 months straight for their meal prep company. She knows how to make fast good tasting meals. Eve understands balancing meals as a wife and mom who wears many hats. She knows how important it is to have fun meals that don’t break the bank if you can’t afford meal prep service.


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Bonus: Free #LazyCookMealPrep Guide 


Get the #LazyCookMealPrep Guide that was only given to Macro Makeover Students with lazy recipes that don't require much time in the kitchen and very little ingredients


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